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      It's been a long time since I posted anything. Life kinda took a turn when my husband got out of the military but we're back on track now. So to update on what's going on my Leon is in kindergarten now and he's doing well. He has been diagnosed with ADHD which is no problem because of all the work I've done with him while he was little. He's already reading books which you would not expect from someone diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten. For those of you who don't believe in a diagnoses like that at such a young age I'm right their with you but this kid it was obvious. The only reason we even had him checked out is because he was so hyper and so unfocused he was endangering himself and the other students around him. Despite being unable to focus however he's super smart. He's not a genius but he's above average and that's the goal. I just don't want my kids to struggle with learning. That's how my little Leon is doing. 
         My Ewan is in 4th grade now and for the past 2 and a half years he's been attending K12 online privet school. He's about to go back to pubic school in December to get the social aspect of school although he has done really well. We chose K12 because they have an advanced curriculum since he was more advanced. The thought was the more info we could get in him the earlier the better but we're realizing that being social is just as important as information. Leon is very social and has always been but Ewan hasn't been that social. So we will see how that goes. 
         We also just had a baby in June his name is Linux. Yes 3 boys! Anyway we have already started teaching him. Of course we're starting with learning how to move our body and he's doing great. He's already sitting up and today he was on his hands an knees. I play with him everyday and I found this app that helps me. The app gives me a list of activities to do with baby everyday to help his development. Try out this fantastic app for baby development.

Not sure if that will show up but I tried. Anyway that's an update and I should be able to update more now that things have slowed down.  
Nov. 10 almost 5 months old

I Believe Early Learning is Important

I can't remember where I heard it but I've heard it a lot that between the ages of 0-5 years old children's minds are rapidly developing and thrive on stimulation and that it's the best time to get a jump start on learning. I would definitely have to say I agree with that. I've been working with Ewan for several years now trying to make sure nothing ever slows him down in life. He's 5 years old now so it may seem like that time of rapid development is over for him but that doesn't stop him from continuing to learn at a faster pace then the other kids at his school. I don't think that is because he's really smarter then them or anything. I think the kids at his school are just at a hump that he's already gotten over and for him it's all down hill till the next hump. It also doesn't hurt that as long as he can remember he's been learning so he doesn't fight it. When I was growing up I never wanted to learn because it was hard for me but Ewan has been learning all his life. We never pushed him and we never yelled at him if he didn't get it right away. We were patient with him and let him learn at his own pace. Even when he was 4 years old and still not potty trained we just waited for it to click for him. So I'm definitely going to keep doing what I've been doing with him but it's time for the torch to be passed down to his younger brother Leon. To me it's super important to get a jump start on Leon's education just like I have with Ewan. I hope I can look back on this post in 4 years and say, I still belive that getting a jump start on learning is the way to go because Leon is now in kindergarden and has a 3rd grade reading level too.

Shapes and Pegs

 Today when I was playing with my Leon, he finally figured out how to put the shapes in the correct hole and to hammer the pegs with the hammer. Now I know that doesn't seem like a hard thing but we have had these toys for a long time and it's just never clicked to him, till today. What happened is that he was playing with his toys the way he normally does. Then I came over and showed him (once again) how to put the shapes in the correct hole. So then he tried it and got one in. OK no big deal sometimes he gets one. Then he tried with another shape in the same hole. Yep that's what he normally does but then I turned the toy to the right hole and it went right in. I think that's when it clicked because he finally started sticking the shapes in different holes till they went in. I think with the peg thing he just likes to take the easy way because he kept switching between hammer and pushing them in with his fingers. I just love watching his mind grow. It was so much fun to see him take the shapes and instead of hand it to me when he couldn't get it to fit he tried another hole. The hammer and peg on the other hand was much more fun to watch when he was cheating hehehehe, but hey working with tools like that just means he's one step closer to using silverware or a pencil.

My Baby Can Read

Yesterday I took my Ewan to family reading and I just need to take a minute to say how proud of him I am. At his school they have the Accelerated Reading Program (A.K.A. the AR Program). If your not familiar with it, (which I'm sure you are, but I'll say it anyway) it's a program where the kids read a book then take short little tests on the book using a computer to make sure that they are reading and they are understanding what they read. They get points for every test they pass and when they get enough points they can get a prize out of the treasure box. Then to top it off his school has family reading every Tuesday night so he can get some extra points in. So last night we went to family reading and at his school they sort the book by reading level and he picked up a 3grade reading level book. I was curious to see if he could read it and so I allowed it and, He Read It! He also took a test on it and he got all the questions right. I really don't think he would be able to read so well right now if it wasn't for the "Your Baby Can Read!" program.When he was 2 I started him on it but he's so very stubborn and I only got him to do it for 3-4 months but I definitely think it helped because in 3-4 months he could read some words. Only the ones on the videos of course but it opened a door and sometimes that's all you need.

Corn Maze

One of the main ways I help my kids learn is I try to give a taste of every type of experience I can. So we went to the corn maze and learned about maps. Yes I know it's probably really weird for me to expect my 5 year old to learn anything about maps but I still try. What I really loved about this is that Ewan (my 5 year old) is NOT a leader it was very hard for him to take charge and lead the pack. He kept trying to get me to tell him which way to go. So I really love that it taught him how to be a leader. Anyway what we did is we got a map of the maze then I had him draw out the correct path. Then we went into the maze and tried to follow what he drew. Of course we took a wrong turn or two but hey what fun is a corn maze if you go the correct way straight through. After we were done we celebrated with a well deserved cup of hot chocolate in front of a warm fire. 

Hello Bloggers

Hello blogging world, I have a story to tell you about my two smart babies.I keep asking myself. How did my babies become so smart? Well, I have no idea. I'm not very bright myself. I struggled something fierce in school growing up. By the time I had graduated high school I had a filth grade reading level.OK OK I'm probably not giving myself enough credit. My reading level may have been better than that but I was definitely not ready for collage. So I've made it my personal goal in life to make sure the same doesn't happen to my kids and so far I've got to say it's going very well. I'm not really sure how I did it (maybe they were just smart to begin with) but I still think that a story like mine needs to be out their. To get you caught up on whats going on I've got two very smart boys one is 5years old and the other is 17months. My 5year old (Ewan) is in Kindergarten and has a Second Grade reading level and First Grade math skills. He loves to read about the planets and has decided that when he grows up he wants to become an Astronaut. My youngest son (Leon) can get over Any and I mean ANY obstical you put in front of him. Not to mention he can find ANYTHING. He'll be playing and the next thing you know he'll have an ear ring and your like. Where did you get that? I've been missing that for months. And here's the BIG Thing he understands what I say to him and does what he's told (when he feels like it of course) and he replies back to me. EXAMPLE: ME-Leon don't do that LEON-OK(slumps his shoulders and walks away), ME-Leon who's on the phone LEON-It's dada (puts the phone to his ear) hi dada. Yesterday he was chasing the cat around the house saying "cat meow meow" and he can count to 10 but he leaves out the numbers 4 and 7. I know it's not really much but I can already tell he's on the right path to becoming a brainy baby. I work really hard to make sure that both of my kids learn as much as possible (of course they do most of the work) and I just thought if I wrote it down like this I could talk to others who care about the same things I do. That's giving my kids the best opportunities in life. So come along and listen to my stories.

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